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Nomination Form

Nomination Form

Dear Nominator:

To nominate a player for the College Hockey Humanitarian Award, please download the Nomination Form located (linked) from the top of this page.

As always, the award is open to any NCAA college hockey player, male or female, Division I-III, who you feel best exemplifies personal character, a commitment to studies, and whose contributions to his/her larger community is worthy of our attention. Past winners are now playing professionally (one wears a Stanley Cup ring), coaching high school and college hockey, teaching, working in the investment world, and pursuing graduate degrees. Accomplished players all, they represent such schools as BU, Michigan, Wisconsin, RIT, Maine, Nebraska/Omaha, Buffalo State, Cornell and Yale. Like all previous nominees, have found the unique rewards one gets as a volunteer, giving back something of one's self beyond the confines of the team. In fact, our candidates are more than devoted athletes, they represent the future leaders of our communities, in education, business, and simply as good neighbors.

The local and national attention these young men and women receive through this award help present and future generations of players and fans recognize this other side of our college athletes and, perhaps more importantly, we are hopeful that it affords our children a set of role and life models who provide a better and more balanced example of who they might emulate. In times like these, what better message could we send to the next generation than one like this?

We encourage your coaching staff, athletic department and sports information office to submit video clips and digital pictures and any material in addition to the enclosed nomination form which you feel will help us better understand your candidate's qualifications though we again want to remind you that we are interested in the substance of this information, not its quantity, as we go about reviewing your candidate's qualifications. A timely return of the nomination form is helpful and may be sent via the mail, or e-mail; this year you will also find a nomination form on our website

We look forward to hearing from you and to another year of honoring such a worthy group of individuals. Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions or comments.

2014-2015 College Hockey Humanitarian Award Schedule:

December 19th, 2014 Nomination forms due.
February, 2015 Finalists announced
April 10th. 2015 Award presentation at NCAA Frozen Four in Philadelphia, PA